Custom Gujarati keyboard designed for this app lets you write notes directly in Gujarati, or you can quickly switch to your device’s built-in keyboard to take notes in English. Copy notes in English or Gujarati into text (SMS) messages, post them on Twitter or Facebook, or email, print, and copy them into other apps.
Gujarati Notes for iPhone, iPad

Available on the app store


Key Features:

• Create an unlimited number of notes in Gujarati and English.
• Mix Gujarati and English text—one note (or even one sentence) can contain words written in both English and Gujarati.
• Fast note search feature lets you search using both English and Gujarati text.

Creating notes has never been easier, especially if you’re tired of other notes app forcing you to write in English. Now you can quickly switch to a Gujarati keyboard to type both short and long notes in Gujarati. If you need to type in English, you can quickly switch back to the English keyboard.

After you create your note, you can edit or delete it—or share it with your friends using social media and text messages. Copying notes into other apps makes it possible to send Gujarati text even in apps which don’t provide their own Gujarati keyboard.

Notes are listed with their last modified time shown so you can quickly find new or recently updated notes (the notes which are likely to be the most relevant), or you can quickly search the entire text of all of your notes in either English or Gujarati to find exactly what you need.

Both Universal and Retina displays on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are supported, and the app will automatically optimize itself to provide high-resolution English and Gujarati text on Retina displays so reading is easier and more enjoyable.