Bilingual dictionary translate words and phrases from English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English. Over 70,000 English and 50,000 Gujarati words in an offline dictionary, with offline & online pronunciation of English words. Includes single player and multi-player vocabulary training games.

Key Features:

• Gujarati keyboard provided to write Gujarati text
• Scan text in image by pointing your device camera to search in dictionary
• Translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences
• Cross search feature. Touch a word for a while for the menu [Copy | Define | Search]
• Bookmark useful translations for instant recall
• Multiple games to help students improve their English or Gujarati vocabulary
• Online & Offline Pronunciation for English text
• Flash Card & Word of the Day for vocabulary learning
• Phrase Book

Gujarati Dictionary

Google Play Available on the App Store

Detailed Description
Designed for students, professionals and travelers using any iOS device, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Gujarati Dictionary will automatically optimize itself for both Universal displays and Retina displays to ensure text is easy to read.

Users can customize the font for both English and Gujarati to ensure the text is readable. Definitions include Wiktionary word information, including historical uses of the word and synonyms to help students find the most appropriate word for any sentence.

Users can copy and paste translations into any other app or send the translation directly by SMS text message—plus the translation can be sent to Twitter as a tweet, Facebook as a status update, or LinkedIn as a network update.

The optional Word Of The Day uses a notification to send students a random most useful English word and definition to help the student expand his or her vocabulary.

Flash card, multiple choice, and word guess games test students on their existing vocabulary and help them quickly learn new words.

Additional online games and feedback encourage study. Word Fight Multiplayer pits two students against each other online to see who has learned the most. Achievements and Leaderboard track the most advanced users, rewarding students for effective study.