It doesn’t matter whether you’re six years old or sixty, Hangman Vocabulary Building Game updates the classic pen-and-paper game of hangman so that you can compete against your friends across the Internet. Or you can challenge yourself and rapidly improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary.



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Key Features: 
• Single Player and Multiplayer game play
• Real-time multiplayer mode lets you challenge your friends to a round of Hangman anytime and anywhere.
• Online and offline scoring—compete against yourself or take on the world!
NEW FEATURE: after each round, you can look up the word in the dictionary or bookmark it for future reference. You can even export your bookmark list to help you master the words you learn playing Hangman.

How Hangman Works 
If you haven’t played Hangman before, you’ll love Hangman Vocabulary Building Game. It makes playing simple. A series of blank spaces are displayed. Underneath the spaces are letters. You simply press a letter to make it your guess for this turn.

If the word includes the letter, it appears in the appropriate blank spot. If the word doesn’t include the letter, your Hangman gets a little closer to dying. Don’t guess wrong too many times!

If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint—but be careful—you only get two hints per challenge. (If you win enough words, you’ll get bonus hints.)

English Vocabularies Variation
• Beginner
• Advance
• Common
• Standard
• Animals
• Colors
• Geography
• Food
• Positive
• Science
• Math
• Business
• Medical

Become The World Champion 
Hangman Vocabulary Building Game keeps track of your progress both against yourself and against everyone else. It tracks how many games you’ve played—and how many you’ve won. And if you win enough games within a single category, your name will appear on the world-wide games center leaderboard so everyone knows you’re the world hangman champion.

Available on the App Store