Top kids learning apps for iOS and Android in App Store and Google Play in 2017

Education is the process, which facilitate to learn and acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Nowadays kids love to use iOS or android based mobile phone, tabs, iPhone and iPad. If kids use educational apps in their devices, it will help them to learn many educational things. It can enrich their knowledge, skills and increase their memory power. Kids learn different kind of things intuitively by using educational apps. In this article, we will highlight some educational applications for kids, which we found quite helpful.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC kids app is an educational app for toddler. They will learn and know about letter of the alphabet in very intuitive way. This is a free phonics and alphabet-teaching app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that makes learning fun for children.

Tracing games help kids to recognize letter shapes, mixture with phonic sounds. They will get alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercises. Kindergartener or preschool age children will learn English language and English alphabet in very simple way to follow the arrows with their finger. They can collect stickers and toys when they complete tracing games. Normally children like this kind of tracing game very much. As this is a kid’s friendly app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, parents don’t have to worry much about what their children are using in their devices.

 ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics Google Play Review by iThinkdiff ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics in App Store Review by iThinkdiff


Kids Learning Box: Preschool

This is another very nice educational app for kids in App Store and Google Play. This app contains ten different categories. Numbers flashcards and counting game will help to learn numbers up to twelve and practice them with the counting game. Alphabet flashcards help to know alphabet. Colors and shapes flashcards will help to learn basic colors and shapes.

Memory matching game will make brain exercise to play game with letters, numbers or shapes. Practicing items game will practice to find the correct letters, numbers, shapes or colors. Months and days flashcards will include 12 months and 7 days with beautiful themes. Coloring book will help to draw on empty canvas. Kids can use various colors for drawing and can save their drawings. This is a doodle section for kids.

 Kids Learning Box: Preschool
Kids Learning Box: Preschool in Google Play Review by iThinkdiff Kids Learning Box: Preschool in App Store Review by iThinkdiff

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Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn

This is a very helpful learning app for Preschool and Kindergarten kids in Google Play store. Kids will learn math at home by using this app. This is a very useful game that helps to learn basic math like number tracing, counting, number comparison and more. Kids will learn in a fun and boost up their brain at home. It has nice looking graphics, pretty colors, beautiful animation, and cool background music, which makes the game conspiracy and the kids will get curiosity to learn while play.

This app has many features integrated in a single game, which is very interesting to play. Find the missing option will teach to find the missing number and increase the memory power to kids. Objects counting in the pyramid will help kids to learn counting. Kids will also learn greater or smaller number comparison with sea pictures. This app is decorated with proper kindergarten math curriculum.

 Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn

Kids Learning Game | Fun Learn in Google Play Review by iThinkdiff


Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers – Educational Game

This app is introducing shape to the kids and one of very popular app in Google Play. Kids can learn different type of shapes in very interesting way. Kids will play shape game and enrich their knowledge and skill. This game teaches to distinguish different geometric shapes. So that kids can compare shapes with their surrounding objects in real life.

Shape games present 7 shapes like circle, square, rectangle, oval, polygon, triangle, heart, human footprint and flower. Shape puzzle games will show that objects and kids will find out the shape and match the puzzle. This app makes for different countries like Russia, Portugal and German. So kids will also learn foreign languages. This is a very colorful and bright app so kids will learn colors and shapes at a time.

 Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Educational Game

Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Educational Game in Google Play Review by iThinkdiff


Overall these educational apps in Google Play and Apple App Store are very useful for kids. Using these apps, kids can learn alphabet, geometric shapes, number, counting, math, months and days name with bright color and pleasing sound. Kids can also learn many things at home before they are starting school. The learning process, which is started at home, will be very effective in their future. As today’s generation is fully iOS and Android operating system based device dependent, we hope that, they invest more of their time in educational apps for entertainment.

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