LAPS – FUSE a new 2048 kind of puzzle game in app store and google play review

Recently we noticed a new puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which is very exciting to play. Puzzle game is a kind of game, which is like to play by all age’s people. This game is quite unique in terms of visual interaction. But the main mechanism, which is called fuse, is copied from popular 2048 number game. In 2048 (iOS , Android) game, user have to join the numbers like 2 + 2 = 4, 4 + 4 = 8. And by this way user’s target is to make the biggest number.

Laps - Fuse

Laps - fuse in Google Play Review by iThinkdiff Laps - fuse in App Store Review by iThinkdiff

Here the concept is same. User has to connect and merge different numbers randomly generated in the outside big circle. When a random number is moving outside the circle, user can tap, and it will move the nearest position. If it can connect with similar number like 2 + 2 then it will become 4. And if user got number 4 and there is already two 4 is placed, and user placed new 4 touched with them. All three 4 will be fused in easy terms will be disappeared and user will get points.

User’s target will be maximizing the combos to get high score. User must have to remember; the more color numbers user can connect together the more chance to get score high and level up. And the rule is, user have to match 3 of the same color numbers to fuse all 3 numbers. The more fuse the more score. The visual effect of this game is awesome.

We really like the number moving with bubble effect outside the game board. And all the colors we see in the game are eye pleasing. User can also share the game play video in social media; can share the score as well. Overall we rate this game is 8 / 10.


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