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There are thousands of dictionaries in app store and google play store for Arabic and English languages. But all dictionaries are not helpful and not rich in terms of contents and features. Today we will highlight how useful a dictionary could be. Please check out our youtube video here to see how our Arabic English dictionary and translator based app can help you to learn and work with a foreign language easily and effectively. After seeing the video still if you have doubt, then please download the apps in app store or in google store as the app is free to download.

Google Play Available on the App Store


Key Features:

– Translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences
– Scan text in image by pointing device camera to search in dictionary
– Tap a word for cross searching
– Bookmark and Recent history for instant recall
– Multiple games help to improve English and Arabic vocabulary
– Pronunciation helps to learn words properly
– Flash Card and Word of the Day helps to improve vocabulary
– Phrase Book, Phrase of the day and Phrase Card helps to speak common phrases
– Quote of the Day improves wisdom and motivation

Designed For Travelers AND Students
Need a quick translation? Arabic Dictionary will instantly translate email messages, Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn messages—plus you can look up any other sentence and copy and paste the translation into other apps.

And don’t worry about going offline when you travel. Arabic Dictionary includes the full English/Arabic dictionary and word translation database when you get disconnected from the Internet, so you can always find the word you need wherever you are. And it will still pronounce English words for you offline too, so you can say them just right.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is online, then you get access to Arabic Dictionary’s full range of features, including automatic links to Wiktionary to help you learn new words by exploring their history.

You also get neutral pronunciations of both Arabic and English words so you can master saying them correctly before you try to include them in a sentence with intonation.

And, of course, you can bookmark any definition in English or Arabic so that you can quickly refer back to an essential word without having to search for it again—a great time saver.

A FUN Study Tool For Students
Students will love the study tools built into Arabic Dictionary. It all starts with a basic flash card tool with Arabic on one side of the virtual flashcard and English on the other.

If you need a little more help, you can switch to multiple choice mode where you choose the answer from a list of words.

Or you can guess what character is missing from a word using the fill-in-the-blank game—a learning technique that prepares you for real-life composition and translation by testing your ability to improvise in a foreign language.

And, when you get tired of the hard work, you can relax—but continue studying—by playing a few rounds of Boost Memory word analyze game.

Of course, a student’s ultimate goal is fluency, so Arabic Dictionary doesn’t ignore all of your hard work learning a foreign language. Arabic Dictionary rewards your progress with an Achievements tracker, and puts you on its Leaderboard to motivate you to keep learning, increase your score, and quickly attain fluency.

Google Play Available on the App Store

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