We are happy to announce our new app Birthday Reminder released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app is designed for people who doesn’t want to forget anyone’s birthday again— and doesn’t want to waste his time by copying and pasting everyone’s birthday into an app.

Birthday Reminder can import birthdays directly from your Facebook account or from the contact information already stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Key Features:
→ Add birthdays manually or import them instantly from Facebook and your contact database.
→ A birthday notification is sent to you 3 days before each birthday so you can buy a gift or send a birthday card by mail.
→ Upcoming birthdays listed by soonest first so you always know whom you need to shop for next.
→ A final notification on each birthday will make you alert.
→ Absolutely free via app store world wide.

Birthday Reminder

Birthday Remainder for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

You can customise Birthday Reminder to suit your needs. By default it reminds you about birthdays three days before the event, but you can give yourself more time for shopping or filling out cards by setting the reminder earlier.

Another notification gets sent to you on the day of the birthday; you can disable it if you don’t need it. And, unlike some notification apps, you can change the notification time so it doesn’t disturb you during other important events.

The application includes two calendar modes. One mode provides a countdown-like list for each birthday, displaying the nearest birthdays first so you can start preparing for them. The other mode provides a traditional monthly calendar with birthdays highlighted so you can make plans for celebrating on the nearest weekend.

And all of this information is available without requiring you enter it. Just connect to your Facebook account or pull from your iPhone or iPad contact database to get the birthdays for everyone you know.

Software Engineer ( iOS / Android ) and hobbyist photographer from Bangladesh, lives in Malaysia.

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  • idhar Iphone Kharida nahi ja raha bhai. :p
    when i have iphon, will must try ur apps. 😉

    Mukesh Reply

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